Bud Light’s now viral corn syrup commercial created a lot of post-Super Bowl buzz and shed a humorous light on what actually goes into the products we drink. While it tickled the public’s funny bone, for food and beverage manufacturers, the rising costs of raw materials are no laughing matter.

In fact, talking with our clients, most cite higher costs in raw materials and commodities as a risk to already tight operating margins. Even AB InBev, in their FY2018 results, noted that despite owning the “most talked about” beer on the internet, they must address cost headwinds this year through cost management initiatives.

So what does that mean? Simply put, high performance clients are implementing programs that reduce waste and improve overall productivity. With over 20 years of Food and Beverage Manufacturing IT Solution experience, InSource provides tools and experience to help make products that taste great while wasting less.

To do this, we partner with AVEVA Wonderware to provide software to improve production performance. Our solutions  monitor process variables in real time enabling operators with actionable insights to quickly identify the reasons for losses and take the proper corrective actions. Waste is found in many forms: scrap, rework, ‘giveaways’ in filling operations, equipment downtime or lost human time collecting data. All are areas we have addressed with proven solutions and experienced people who at excel at operationalizing this technology to achieve sustainable outcomes.

To learn more, download this whitepaper, “When Longer Production Hours do not Translate into Higher Productivity and Capacity, What Went Wrong?

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