Apps for Manufacturing The power of Wonderware’s ArchestrA Graphics

Are you considering Wonderware for the first time?
Are you using Wonderware now but need to improve its effectiveness?
Wonderware provides you great power to develop the HMIs for your industrial facility. Wonderware helps you to reduce the time it takes to develop your operator interfaces with sacrificing functionality.
A major reason the aviation industry has such a good safety record is the use of Situational Awareness concepts to design cockpit and avionics interfaces to greatly reduce operator error. Stand Alone InTouch and InTouch for System Platform provide you with the Situational Awareness Library of ArchestrA Graphics.

In this webinar you will learn:
How Wonderware’s Situational Awareness Library supports process interface design
How Wonderware’s ArchestrA Graphics can help you to reduce the time to develop operator interfaces
About a future hands on workshop designed to give you a better understanding of how you can create a more effective HMI experience for your operations team