Automation Change Management: Safe. Optimized. Efficient.

In this webinar attendees will learn how a major water utility, with over 16,000 programmable devices spread out in multiple locations, implemented an automation change management solution to ensure consistent process optimization and efficiency resulting in a decrease in customer service disruption and a reduction in safety risks to employees. The webinar will also include a demonstration of the software used by this water utility.

  • Find out how to track and synchronize device changes in the plant (networked assets) as well as in remote areas (non-networked assets)
  • Enable System Integrators and off-site development teams to work on programs without providing direct access to the device
  • Learn how to rapidly recover from device failures and mistakes
  • Protect people and processes with the ability to compare programs running on the device with the program on the engineers
  • Increase productivity by copying programs to create new programs in the field