Laying the Foundation for Modern Water/Waste Water Control Systems

The increasing focus on drinking water quality and preservation of supply, along with concerns over the environmental impact of waste water spills, are putting increased pressure on the aging infrastructure of water and waste water utilities. While complete infrastructure upgrades are long, expensive projects, modern technology and automation systems—combined with effective use of the data they collect for analytic purposes—can yield important improvements within the existing framework. SCADA assets are at the heart of these improvements and must be protected from unplanned downtime or data loss in order to realize the full benefit that these upgrades can offer.

In this webinar John Fryer, Senior Director of Industry Solutions for Stratus Technologies, discusses how platforms running SCADA systems can dramatically improve overall performance by:

  • Adopting technologies such as virtualization to provide cost-effective ways to modernize automation systems
  • Deploying flexible applications, such as thin client technology and fault tolerance, to lay the foundation for effective analytics and the emerging IIoT
  • Utilizing best practices for protecting virtual environments against unplanned downtime
  • Understanding key success factors, including the speed of SCADA recovery, protection against data loss, integration with existing environments, ease of use, and optimizing TCO.