Six Sigma Training How it Continues to Generate Value

  • InSource recently announced the acquisition Operations Strategy Consulting LLC. As a result of the acquisition, InSource has expanded its consulting and training offerings to include
  • Operations, Quality, & Strategy Consulting
  • Training courses in quality methodologies, Lean, and Six Sigma.
  • ISO compliance or re-registration programs
  • TS 16949 standard compliance programs

Megan Burns joins InSource as the former President of OSC and now Regional Managing Director for InSource. Over the course of Megan’s career, nearly every company she has spoken with has said they are on a path to Operational Excellence. Yet, very few of them can explain how they measure and are working towards this goal.

This webinar will show how Six Sigma is helping companies:

  • Define Operational Excellence
  • Enhance their organizational culture
  • Achieve their strategic visions