“Why don’t our packaging lines achieve their design capacity? Why are we down?”  Do those words sound familiar?

As an IT Manufacturing Solutions Company, InSource ranked this as one of the top business issues voiced by our clients in Food, Beverage and Commercial Product Goods manufacturing in 2018.

Finding the answer is important as companies face challenges brought on by furious competition and slim margins. The problem is simple in concept, but can be deceptively difficult to solve.  As manufacturers look for solutions, they often encounter a number of challenges:

  • Can we get the machine state data from our equipment?  Is the equipment connected to a network?
  • Do we need to assign downtime reasons to the data? How will we do that?
  • Does every department (maintenance, operations, safety, quality) agree on the definition of and reasons for downtime?
  • How do we want the information to be presented to be effective?
  • Will our people consistently review the information and act on it ?

The InSource Solution Team has spent over 20 years working with clients and delivering answers.  We invite you to take a look at how New Belgium Brewing increased their packaging throughput and take a Master’s class from Rich Products as they share their approach from a very successful line optimization program.

Filling and Packaging Area Efficiency