What’s in a name?  In the case of Wonderware or Citect or InduSoft, quite a lot.  These brands have a rich legacy and history of performance and excellence.  InSource has been a proud partner of Wonderware, the company, and now AVEVA for many years.  Read more about our history: https://insource.solutions/aveva-overview/

Throughout 2020, you may notice your Wonderware or Citect or InduSoft solutions product names changing to AVEVA.  You will see some of AVEVA’s product names being updated to remove legacy brand associations in favor of more functional, descriptive names. The goal behind the change is to make it easier for folks to understand the holistic benefit that AVEVA’s solutions offer and to simplify the complexity that comes with a myriad of legacy brand names.

One bit of feedback we commonly hear is that “The AVEVA portfolio you guys utilize is amazing, but it’s difficult for our associates to understand what piece or offering does what.”  That’s fair and AVEVA heard that feedback loud and clear.  They interviewed customers and partners around the world and worked to streamline how their product offerings are presented. This process resulted in a simplified naming structure. It’s early days but we agree that this update will make it easier for everyone to understand the amazing AVEVA portfolio.

The AVEVA Product Naming Transition Guidebook details their current offering names and the functional transition for the entire AVEVA portfolio:  https://sw.aveva.com/product-renaming.

As InSource, we operationalize the full and dynamic AVEVA portfolio of software solutions.  We applaud AVEVA for adding clarity and simplicity to how we help our customers engineer, operate and maintain their businesses.

Next steps

While there are updates to product names in AVEVA’s portfolio, this activity will warrant no changes in your contracts and relationships with InSource Solutions or AVEVA.  We will continue to provide the same level of support you have come to expect from us and work with you to deliver the success you are looking for.  Now, it’s success simplified.

If you would like more detail on the name changes, we would love to chat.  Contact us.

Thank you for your business and continued support.