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AVEVA Operations Control

Brian Premock, VP & General Manager, InSource Solutions | July 20, 2021

Helping your team operate at their best

A few weeks ago, Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, former OSIsoft CEO, addressed AVEVA employees and partners.  OSIsoft had officially become part of AVEVA in March 2021.  For AVEVA Wonderware customers that are not familiar, Pat was an industry pioneer of the modern-day process historian.  The OSIsoft PI Solution he created in 1981 grew into a solution that is still regarded as the industry benchmark for performance today.  As he spoke about the vision for the combined AVEVA/OSIsoft future, Pat emphasized one of the big ideas that created success at OSIsoft:  Create an enterprise data system that made it easy for clients to access all the tools needed to achieve their goals.

With the release of AVEVA Operations Control last month, the team has already taken a page from his “easy button” playbook.  Operations Control is a subscription that focuses on helping clients achieve operations excellence by enabling all the necessary software applications to improve operations, performance, safety, quality and profitability.

The solution beautifully delivers on the most common goals we hear from clients as they continue digital transformation initiatives. These include:

  • Creating a comprehensive operations view by Integrating data across application silos
  • Sharing this common view with more associates via mobile/web/cloud, wherever they work
  • Providing Performance tools that unlock tribal knowledge and best practices in response to skilled employee retention and hiring challenges.

AVEVA Operations Control Overview

AVEVA’s Operations Control Bundle supports our general approach to provide value from the plant floor, across the control room to the full enterprise – visualization complimented by a suite of common infrastructure solutions that deliver a wide range of operational capabilities.

Unpacking this a little further, at the foundation level are three packages:  Edge, Supervisory or Enterprise that offer access to any of AVEVA’s four industry leading visualization platforms, device communication interfaces and historian.


But the real power is unlocked by easily accessing a set of common components designed to optimize operations by adding value to the plant floor data access by the data acquisition foundation. These include:

AVEVA Reports for Operations – formerly Dream Report, is Industrial reporting solution for non-IT users, featuring simple drag and drop reporting creation, hundreds of templates and access to both SCADA and 3rd party databases.

AVEVA Insight the industrial cloud platform form that makes it simple for remote workers to access contextualized data from multiple sources in a single cloud environment, build operational KPI dashboards quickly and, get notified of anomalies sooner with AI and powerful analytics.

AVEVA Teamwork helps transform companies from tribal to collective knowledge sharing through a cloud-based platform that delivers automated skills tracking, mobile digital log-books, on demand mobile training videos and collaborative “call-for-help” connectivity to all frontline workers. The result is a tool that encourages knowledge sharing and collaborative problem solving while crating urgency and accountability.

AVEVA Integration Studio – a cloud-based development sandbox that simplifies collaboration, enables rapid project enhancements, testing and archival backups, at a fraction of the IT cost to maintain in-house servers.

Also following a theme I talked about earlier this year, the subscription has an unlimited usage model that eliminates constraints like the number of tags, devices, and servers. This innovative model offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience providing this comprehensive software portfolio as a combined subscription.

The approach also helps companies easily scale to tackle future operations improvements with a Manufacturing Execution System Add-on package including recipe management, paper-on-glass digital workflows.  This MES module bridges transactional operations from the shop floor to the ERP.  There is also a second Guided analytics add-on for companies looking to improve the performance of their assets.  AVEVA’s Insight based guided analytics identifies equipment anomalies and notifies frontline workers earlier to prevent shutdowns.

All packages include our Customer FIRST software maintenance and support program, which means you always have access to the very latest version upgrades and expert technical support.

We at InSource have always worked hard to help your teams operate at their best.  The new AVEVA Operations Control Bundle easily brings the software your teams need to enable that goal.  It gives all of your users actionable information to drive better decisions in real-time — all within a cohesive and sustainable software framework, from edge to enterprise.  Dr. Kennedy would approve.


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