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Software Deployment and Lifecycle Support

You’ve come to a fork in the road and you’re not sure which way to turn. Choose the right path and you’ll succeed. Choose the wrong path and your operation could suffer serious consequences. Consider InSource Solutions as your intrepid guide. We rapidly assess your operation and architect technology solutions geared toward your specific needs, goals and requirements. After all, your operation is unique and it deserves an individualized yet comprehensive plan. To maximize the value of your solutions, we use tool kits, off-the-shelf applications, and flexible platforms. You get the most from your investment as quickly as possible and you don’t have to risk application rework.

Combined with our Adoption Coaching, your project is almost guaranteed to succeed.

Digital Transformation

A successful digital overhaul of plant operations goes beyond just technology. It also necessitates considering shifts in personnel and procedures, followed by disciplined implementation to ensure steady and reliable outcomes.

MES Design and Deployment

Our MES services offer a systematic approach to optimize your manufacturing processes in real time. Starting with a thorough analysis of your current operational needs, we design, integrate, and deploy MES solutions. Our commitment extends beyond implementation, ensuring integration with existing systems and consistent post-deployment support. With a focus on precision and efficiency, we aim to provide tailored solutions that drive tangible improvements in your manufacturing ecosystem.

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Well presented data…leads to informed decisions…that are mobilized for effective actions…resulting in sustained results.”

Organizational Change Management

After core application training, every solution needs to be incorporated into daily routines if we expect real success. Asking operators, supervisors, and staff to exit basic training and immediately dive into day-to-day application is a major risk. Our experience in manufacturing is that users need regular, interactive reinforcement to move from basic knowledge to understanding, to valuing the new toolset they’ve been provided. We engage shoulder-to-shoulder with the plant floor, working across all shifts and teams to ensure questions are answered, issues are addressed, and the training “sticks.

Management Consulting

Every organization follows a cadence of reviews, reporting, and communication interaction activities that check performance and drive action to respond or improve. Examples include shift handovers, shift review meetings, daily and weekly operations meetings, and scheduling meetings. While choosing the right technology for getting the right data is important, it is critical to align with these organizational activities. Often, we witness the deployment of a solution that is almost effective but needs a champion to realize its full value. InSource will align the reports, dashboards, and workflows with how your team operates and act as the champion during the meetings and interactions. We help your local team to move from basic understanding to fully utilizing the tools through a personalized management system.

InSource InSider

In today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing sector, the adoption of new technologies is on the rise, bringing new challenges for facilities to effectively integrate workers with diverse knowledge and skill sets.