Unified Digital Engineering Solutions

The Ultimate Digital Twin. Unified Digital Engineering (UDE) solutions deliver data-centric single source truth for engineering information allowing you to design maintain & operate in compliance with company standards.

Visualization & Supervisory Control Solutions

Keep it under control. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Solutions gather data essential to your operations. Simplified context empowers users to visualize, optimize and act and address abnormal situations before they impact operations.

Operational Efficiency Solutions

See it. Understand & improve. Operational Efficiency(OE) Solutions develop a sampling strategy and collect real time data in context; Couple analytic tools with strategies to improve performance & governance.

Quality & Compliance Solutions

Quality assured. Quality & Compliance(QC) Solutions integrate our process and product quality management tools and real time quality feedback into how people actually work.

Workforce Optimization Solutions

Digital at the point of entry. Workforce Optimization Solutions empower workers with digital tools and architectures that increase productivity and effectiveness.

Asset Performance Management Solutions

Maintain & optimize your assets and energy costs. Asset Management Solutions minimize the whole-life cost, including the operation, maintenance and replacement or disposal of each asset. Energy Management Solutions improve overall energy efficiency.