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Solutions that help you meet the challenge

Unified Engineering Solutions
The Ultimate Digital Twin. UDE solutions deliver data-centric single source truth for engineering information allowing you to design, maintain and operate in compliance with company standards.
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Visualization & Supervisory Control
Keep it under control. SCADA Solutions gather data essential to your operations. Simplified context empowers users to visualize, optimize and act addressing abnormal situations before they impact operations.
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Workforce Optimization
Today’s modern environment has created new knowledge and skill requirements within the workplace. The workforce optimization process is an integral part of the supply chain that drives a manufacturing company’s…
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Manufacturing Execution Systems
AVEVA’s unique Model-Driven MES approach combines the traditional benefits of a manufacturing execution system with modern digital workflow management technology to bring people, organisations and processes together for increased efficiency as well as for capturing work processes and operational procedures in digital workflows and related user experience configurations (models).
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Asset Performance Management
Maintain and optimize your asset investment. APM Solutions minimize the whole-life cost, including the operation, maintenance and replacement or disposal of each asset, including energy efficiency.
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InSource X0 Solutions™
InSource Solutions is revolutionizing the way data is collected, stored, utilized and maintained with InSource X0 Solutions™. InSource X0 Solutions™ pairs AVEVA world-class software offerings with InSource’s best-in-class services. Our data solutions…
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Digital solutions deliver transformational results.

  • Pinellas County
  • CLIF Bar
    For many, Clif Bar is a go-to energy bar for the trail or during the workday, but for 295 employee/owners in Twin Falls, Idaho, Clif Bar is much more than…
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  • Continental Building Products
    CBP implemented a modern manufacturing execution system with real-time visualization dashboards to increase production visibility and data usage. What they got surprised them: improved employee engagement, increased quality & efficiency and an even better understanding of their business.
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  • Danone
    Ensuring product quality and traceability. Danone is a global leader in the food and beverage industry with a mission to drive healthier and more sustainable consumption through its One Planet.…
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  • Rubberlite
    Rubberlite worked with InSource to deliver an innovative fault tolerant supervisory control system using a Stratus & Wonderware architecture that achieved 64% scrap reduction while sales grew 15%.
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  • DC Water
    Operating one of the largest water utilities in the country, it’s no surprise that a strong supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system is a non-negotiable requirement for DC Water.
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  • Pinellas County
    In order to maintain high service levels in the face of a shrinking tax base, funding cuts and staffing challenges, a new automation system was required. To help keep everything…
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  • City of London, Ontario
    Workforce Optimization.  City of London Wastewater Treatment previously used disconnected paper logbooks and spreadsheets to manage the vast amount of day-to-day information recorded across five wastewater treatment plants and thirty-six…
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