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Operators of water or wastewater utilities are required to provide reliable and affordable services, while complying with in increasing number of government regulations and ensuring the sustainability of their operations. Water utilities require more efficient methods of engineering, optimization of energy supply, and contextualized compliance monitoring as they seek to expand availability of water to the general population at an affordable price.

InSource Solutions offers a variety of responsive, standards-driven, and scalable platforms for supervisory control, analytics, asset management, regulatory reporting, including digital twins and logbooks in the water and wastewater space. From standalone scalable applications such as AVEVA Edge and InTouch up to complete enterprise-wide operations with AVEVA System Platform and Unified Operations Center, InSource serves hundred of small, medium and large municipalities and helps them harness the data they have to create safer and more reliable services that respond rapidly to excursions as well as the on-going needs of stakeholders. We’re trusted, proven and scalable.

Data Analytics

A water utility can take full advantage of data analytics to make better-informed business decisions. Large amounts of data pass through a water utilities’ control room daily. Data analytics allows utilities to examine and correlate real-time data to critical events. With visibility into the entire water network through data analytics, water utilities are now able to predict future changes in their water network and take corrective actions before critical events occur. Visibility in real-time creates more accurate and cost-effective demand management, as water utilities can forecast supply without putting operational constraints on pipeline operations at the very last hour. InSource’s smart water solutions deliver operational efficiency, energy efficiency and a lower cost of ownership within plants and across networks.

30% in energy savings
25% increase in efficiency savings
25% reduction in TCO

Asset Performance Management for Water and Wastewater

Condition-based maintenance solutions collect and analyze real-time diagnostics from all production assets and drive appropriate action to improve overall asset performance. The system automates the maintenance process through the monitoring of user-defined rules and algorithms that initiate necessary maintenance activities based on measurable operating conditions. When the equipment is operating out of the normal range, condition-based maintenance raises an alarm to the operator to make them aware of the abnormal conditions and allows them to make an informed decision about what maintenance is required.

Minimize risk and maximize performance of assets in your water and wastewater operations with a digital, proactive maintenance and reliability approach that can extend the useful life of your infrastructure investment.

Operations Control

A mobile workforce and decision support system can help water utilities address some major challenges to improving asset performance: standardizing operator rounds and connecting stranded assets. Even in today’s digital age, some 40-60% of the equipment in a typical water utility remains digitally disconnected from the automation system. These stranded assets are invisible to operators unless they perform frequent inspection rounds and manually take down readings and condition assessments, traditionally on paper log sheets. This type of manual data collection is error-prone and often leads to loss of information. The lack of standardization in these inspection processes can also lead to service issues and safety hazards. Furthermore, knowledge loss can occur as more experienced operators retire and fail to pass along their wisdom to the next-generation operators.

The AVEVA Operations Control solution empowers operations teams with the software necessary for modern industrial operations and offers a consistent method of connecting teams across the business.

Unifying Operations for Water and Waste Water

Water and wastewater organizations can develop greater operational awareness and improve crisis response with a centralized view. AVEVA’s Unified Operations Center for Water enables agile and responsive management of global and regional water and wastewater operations by making the complete enterprise visible. It creates value by combining broad insights into geographically dispersed sites with the ability to drill down on specific KPIs in context and see real-time operations. Benefit from a single-pane-of-glass view into a wide selection of information brought together into a vivid and strategic application. Empower teams with consolidated metrics from the systems that manage specific areas of operations for drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater.

Monitor and control water and wastewater operations from end to end and drill-down from broad regional views down to asset specific KPIs for complete performance visibility.​

Unlock New Opportunities with AVEVA Data Hub

Leveraging SaaS capabilities through our industrial cloud platform, AVEVA Connect, AVEVA Data Hub removes the barriers to data-sharing using the scale and flexibility of the cloud. AVEVA Data Hub provides secure access to real-time data to users in remote locations or outside the company’s network.

AVEVA Data Hub is an easily scalable cloud data management SaaS that makes sharing industrial data simple and secure.

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