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InSource delivers industrial software solutions purpose-built for the various industry sectors, and engineered to drive a sustainable future.


To keep pace with ever-evolving demands and requirements, the chemical industry needs to speed up engineering cycles, boost efficiency, and minimize emissions, all while bolstering resilience. Our chemical software solutions deliver the information, insights and AI technology to pave the way for a safer, more sustainable tomorrow.

Data Centers and Building Automation Management

As data-center providers expand globally, managing these facilities becomes increasingly complex. Our Unified Operations Center solution integrates previously isolated platforms and data sets, offering scalability across multiple sites and global locations. This ensures providers consistently meet the growing digital infrastructure demands of their clients, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and a dependable data center network.

Discrete Manufacturing

To remain competitive in a crowded marketplace, discrete manufacturers have to stay ahead of the curve, continually launching new products — both quickly and efficiently. InSource Solutions helps discrete manufacturers improve collaboration with supply chain partners, speed up production and optimize performance. Our experienced team of consultants will design a road map that streamlines production through data collection, analysis and reporting, thus helping manufacturers enhance plant-wide communications, optimize production and reduce costs.

Food & Beverage

In the food and beverage industry, brand image and consumer buying habits impact your bottom line. We offer the right professional services and software and hardware solutions to help you launch new products quickly, maintain quality and safety standards, collaborate with supply chain partners, and control costs while optimizing performance.

General Process Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing comes with its set of complexities, from optimizing inventory and boosting productivity to meeting regulatory and customer demands, all while fostering continuous improvement. Our integrated software and hardware solutions enhance efficiency, operational control, and ensure quality compliance. We focus on streamlining quality, compliance, production cycles, cost, and market speed. Effective communication is key, breaking down operational and organizational barriers.


Global competition, escalating energy prices, and the imperative to refine production are just a few challenges confronting the steel, aluminum, and specialty metals sector. We’re here to assist you in improving your operations and crafting a strategy to enhance production using data analytics, trends, and reporting mechanisms. Our consultants coupled with the right mix of software and hardware solutions will help you obtain everything from a more efficient production process to better plant-wide communication and management of resources.


AVEVA’s software for the mining sector is engineered for optimal efficiency, safety, and sustainability. It allows you to capture workflows digitally to improve efficiency and enforce safety and environmental regulations.

Power and Utilities

AVEVA’s advanced software for power and energy lowers installation costs, reduces unplanned outages, and maximizes output to meet the needs of an increasingly electrified world.

Water & WasteWater

The water and wastewater industry must continually offer more customer-oriented services while still increasing productivity, reducing costs and responding to changing regulatory requirements. InSource Solutions provides the right mix of products and services that can help automate and integrate operations, processes and communications that support the specific needs of water utilities companies.

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