Why Wonderware….now AVEVA?


In 1987 Wonderware built the world’s first HMI on the Microsoft Windows platform…InTouch. Over 30 years later, InTouch is still the planet’s most acclaimed and widely used HMI continuing to empower users with rapid creation of standardized, reusable visualization applications and one-click deployment across the enterprise. Over the years more industrial software products were added to the  Wonderware suite. Investment in core innovations continued through Invensys and Schneider Electric ownership. InSource has been the exclusive supplier of Wonderware products in the southeastern US since 1997.


Founded by the UK government in 1967, AVEVA quickly became a world leader in PDMS (Plant Design Management Systems). Designers create a virtual 3D model of a processing plant or complex asset leading to construction designs, material requirements and clash analysis. Today’s capabilities also include P&IDs, electrical, ship design, capital project contract management, laser scanning and more. 


In 2018, Schneider Electric entered into a reverse merger with AVEVA. Schneider Electric has maintained majority ownership of the independent AVEVA company. This partnership created an industrial software exclusive business with 16,000+ customers globally, focused on improving asset performance, operational efficiency and capital project costs. The unique power of a unified software platform from engineering to operation to maintenance and beyond has allowed InSource to supply dramatically expanded capabilities to our clients. InSource Solutions is a AVEVA Select Full Portfolio Partner.


As you would expect, some names have changed, but the vision has only expanded.


Industrial Software for a Connected World

AVEVA makes industrial software for a connected world; from edge to enterprise; open, scalable, easy-to-use, secure and versatile. Industrial software that empowers people to design, connect, control, understand, and optimize their operations.



AVEVA’s Engineering Information solutions can be utilized independently, or combined for maximum effect, taking advantage of the entire AVEVA software portfolio. These solutions cover integrated process design, simulation, engineering, procurement, construction, and handover processes. Now an asset can be managed from birth to retirement. Having a common data model throughout the asset lifecycle can significantly improve business and project outcomes. Customers have achieved up to 15% saved on total installed costs, 50% reduction in time engineers spend looking for information, and 30% improved efficiency on 3D design.

Monitor & Control

Imagine unifying and arming control operators, maintenance personnel, IT professionals, plant managers and business executives with one common standardized source of real-time highly contextualized information. Couple that with collaboration and analysis tools to better understand the business, make better decisions, and drive the company to its fullest potential. InSource partners with software vendors that enables operational excellence across all industries, empowering customers with better insight into the economics of their operations, the basis for real-time performance management.

Operate & Maintain

Realizing the value hidden in your operations is the domain of Production Execution and Operations Management systems. It help to bridge the IT/OT gap, safeguard quality and improve operations performance by integrating all aspects of maintenance, production, quality control and inventory operations management in manufacturing. InSource partners with software vendors that enable clients to realize reduced operating costs by more than 50 percent, increased productivity by more than 15 percent, yield by more than 20 percent and have shortened time-to-decision by more than 80 percent.

Award Winning Support & Maintenance Means Sustainability

The award-winning AVEVA Customer FIRST programs offer a wide array of support services to keep your company competitive including:

  • Software upgrades
  • Global access to technical support experts
  • Software utilities and tools for software asset management

A wide range of managed services help your AVEVA software investment achieve its fullest potential.  AVEVA & Wonderware is known around the world for allowing you to easily modernize regardless of how recent your architecture has been refreshed. That means sustainable results and piece of mind. Learn more about Customer First programs.