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AW North Carolina Raises the Bar: Digital at the Point of Entry

Jason Paquette, Product Marketing Manager, InSource Solutions | August 14, 2019

Digitization in manufacturing is a very hot topic, but how many manufacturers are actually achieving it? Research shows that manufacturing lags other industries in digitization of work as well as digital asset management. Laggards are being negatively affected. But conversely, those companies, like AW North Carolina, that make the digital transformation now are seeing the benefits. When your operation is “Digital at the Point of Entry,” you get :

  • Improved document tracking and access
  • Faster and easier document sharing and collaboration
  • Better digital capture of plant floor activities
  • Shorter information search time and time to ultimate problem resolution
  • Minimizing paper and other material waste
  • Reacting faster to correct unforeseen circumstances

Recently, InSource worked with AW North Carolina to help them implement a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and digitize their paper production work processes. AW North Carolina is a state-of-the-art manufacturer of automatic transmissions for automobiles. They recognized that although they had extremely advanced auto parts manufacturing cells, their corresponding business and asset management automation was lagging. So they scoped a project with these initial objectives:

  • Reduce the amount of paper documents used and stored
  • Eliminate the waste associated with the double entry of production information
  • Connect and correlate the human procedural data with real-time production data
  • Improved accuracy of daily activity, issues, and procedural data
  • More informed and efficient Shift Handovers
  • Plant-wide visibility and ability to easily audit, search, and track information to support diagnostic and continuous improvement activities

They chose the powerful Wonderware by AVEVA MES System and the j5 Operations Management Software.

InSource worked with AW North Carolina over several months to digitize their operations and take control of their business processes. The result:  an improved bottom line and happier clients and employees. Congratulations to AW North Carolina for raising the bar through digital transformation.

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