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Workforce Optimization.

 City of London Wastewater Treatment previously used disconnected paper logbooks and spreadsheets to manage the vast amount of day-to-day information recorded across five wastewater treatment plants and thirty-six pumping stations. This meant that paper files were stored physically at various remote locations and that spreadsheets were stored electronically across various computer networks. Finding historical information was very difficult, and operations personnel often had to travel by car to understand what was happening at each site.

City of London, Ontario went from the pains of multiple word processors and spreadsheets to installing j5 Operations Logbook, allowing their operations teams to record, manage and view any event in a consistent and efficient way with a web browser and mobile device.

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To have the digital information that was previously managed and recorded using paper logbooks and spreadsheets at five wastewater treatment plants and thirty-eight pumping stations available at any time, at any location and in one place makes a significant difference across our operations.”

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Key Features and Benefits

Since the implementation of j5 Operations Management Solutions there have been numerous benefits gained by City of London Wastewater Treatment.

  • The time saved retrieving information has led to better utilized labor hours and lower travel costs, which alone – over time – will justify the financial cost of the implementation.
  • Operations personnel are now not worried about where the logbooks are, where to store them and who is writing in them.
  • Knowledge and expertise transfer across generations has also been greatly increased, and this allows new hires to understand daily tasks quicker and allows experienced operations personnel to highlight areas for improvement in a formal and structured manner.

Solutions for Water & Wastewater

j5 Operations Management Solutions has eliminated the problems experienced when operations personnel used spreadsheets.