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The manufacturing process, spanning from raw mixer to finished product, can take up to 45 minutes. Errors during this phase can result in hours of wasted output. The goal was to improve real-time decision-making, from shift adjustments to monthly analyses, utilizing AVEVA software’s visualization capabilities.

Continental Building Products implemented a modern manufacturing execution system with real-time visualization dashboards to increase production visibility and date usage. What they got surprised them – improved employee engagement, increased quality and efficiency and an even better understanding of their business. InSource played a critical role in training, creating manuals, and driving plant floor engagement. Their proactive approach, commitment to understanding Continental’s unique challenges, and integration of the AVEVA software dramatically increased transparency and efficiency in the manufacturing process.

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InSource made a heck of an impression from the very beginning. They, with AVEVA, spent a lot of time trying to understand our business.”

Key Features and Benefits

  • Real-time visualization dashboards: Enabled plant floor operators to focus on essential data, promoting efficient reactions and reducing waste.
  • Data integration & analytics: Offered a unified platform to contextualize data from different segments, enhancing data-driven decisions.
  • Workflow structuring: Introduced processes like root cause analysis for real-time feedback, minimizing month-end surprises.
  • Employee engagement: Fostered interaction between supervisors and operators, emphasizing continuous improvement.
  • Enhanced quality & efficiency: The introduction of real-time dashboards and structured workflows reduced waste and streamlined processes.
  • Business transparency: Top management, including the VP of Manufacturing, now has an immediate view of operations, from scheduling to quality control.
Continental Building Products

Through the collaboration with InSource Solutions, Continental Building Products witnessed immediate improvements, leveraging technology for better efficiency, quality, and business understanding.