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Celebrating Veterans Month: Spotlight on Berek Dostie

Jennifer Alanskas, Marketing Specialist | November 15, 2023
Berek Dostie

As we enter November, we not only pay tribute to the courageous men and women who have served our nation but also take a moment to acknowledge their contributions to different industries. Join us in our Veterans Month series to learn about the journey of our veterans into the Manufacturing Industry.

In the world of engineering and manufacturing, there are people whose passion and curiosity drive them to understand the complexities of intricate systems. In this unique feature, we spotlight Berek Dostie, an engineer at InSource Solutions, whose impressive background in the military has greatly influenced his career. Join us as we dive into the remarkable journey of Berek and gain insights into his motivations, inspirations, and invaluable advice for aspiring professionals in the field of manufacturing.

The Spark of Curiosity

Berek’s passion for engineering and manufacturing stems from his curiosity about the inner workings of machinery and systems. He finds breaking down complex systems into their elemental components similar to immersing oneself in a live episode of the acclaimed series “How It’s Made.” This inquisitive mindset has been the driving force behind his journey in engineering.

The Art of Manufacturing

Berek believes the key to successful manufacturing lies in maintaining a balance between sticking to standardized procedures and being open to unconventional thinking. While following established protocols is vital to ensure consistent outcomes, he acknowledges the importance of creative problem-solving when facing new challenges—this balance between structure and innovation drives manufacturing towards a state of continuous improvement and evolution.

The Daily Inspiration

What ignites Berek’s professional drive each day is the awareness that the technology and solutions offered by InSource Solutions have the potential to revolutionize manufacturing operations. He takes tremendous pride in knowing that his contributions directly amplify the productivity and profitability of manufacturers. This sense of purpose is a powerful motivator, fueling his dedication to the field.

Military Wisdom in Manufacturing

Berek’s military experience has given him a unique perspective that he applies every day. He draws parallels between the intricate inner workings of military aircraft and the operations of manufacturing plants. Both require precise coordination of inputs to regulate various aspects of production, such as oil, fuel, electrical, and hydraulic systems. While some may claim that their processes are simple, the intricacy of automated systems is still a marvel of modern technology.

Navigating a Career in Manufacturing

Reflecting on his own experience, Berek notes that if you are considering a career in manufacturing, you will likely gain expertise in various areas due to the cross-training culture in the field. As a result, it is rare for someone to remain in a single specialty for an extended period. In manufacturing, you can advance in various roles such as maintenance, operations, IT, engineering, or a continuous improvement position.

A Testament to Veterans’ Impact on Manufacturing

Berek Dostie’s transition from military service to a prosperous career in manufacturing is a testament to the valuable contributions that veterans make to the manufacturing industry. His curiosity and unwavering dedication to improving processes are a source of inspiration for those who aspire to work in this field. As we honor Veterans Month, let us acknowledge and celebrate the valuable perspectives and expertise that veterans like Berek bring to the heart of manufacturing. Their influence, as exemplified by Berek’s journey, leaves an enduring mark on the industry.

Stay tuned as we learn more about our veterans here at InSource Solutions.