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Engineer of the Week – Keith Carter

Jennifer Alanskas | February 9, 2023

Our Engineer of the week series is dedicated to inspiring future engineers by increasing their understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers. They are an essential part of our business, and we proudly celebrate their many accomplishments. 


Keith_CarterOur next Engineer of the week, Keith Carter, graduated from The Citadel with a degree in Electrical Engineering. From early on, Keith was fascinated with how items were built and worked. From constructing paper airplanes to becoming an engineer in the manufacturing industry, Keith continually seeks to help improve the quality of life for others through the products he works on while constantly evolving to become the best version of himself. Learn more about Keith’s journey to become an engineer and how his passionate mindset continues to shine through his work. 


What inspired you to become an Engineer and pursue a career in manufacturing? 

Technology and mechanical items always interested me when I was young. Airplanes and their inner workings inspired me the most. I was the king of paper airplanes in elementary school. As time passed, I leaned into my affinity for math and science, ultimately leading me to an electrical engineering degree from The Citadel. I graduated and gained a career in engineering and construction with manufacturing clients across the country, some of which directly served in the aerospace industry. 


What do you like about being an engineer in the manufacturing industry? 

I appreciate that our undertakings create products and support services that positively affect the end consumer and the producer. They improve or sustain the quality of life by providing food and beverages, medicine, raw/refined materials, public utilities like power and water, and other everyday items that we cannot live without today. We also make solutions that serve the manufacturers that produce these items and services. 


What is that one thing that inspires you professionally every day? 

I am keenly inspired to improve as a person as often as I am able. I strive to become great at anything I do and love to help others do as well. I subscribe to a belief that postulates failure to improve yourself and seek growth effectively will rob the people you come in contact with of a more incredible version of yourself and one with more to offer the world. Contributing to the team at a high level is essential to me. Our biggest competition is ourselves, and if you can make the man in the mirror better today than he was yesterday, you are winning.


What is that one piece of advice you would give someone pursuing a career in manufacturing but is still deciding about it?

If you want to use your gifts, talents, and abilities to serve society in a big way, engineering and manufacturing are the way to go. You can be directly responsible for the systems, services, and products we use daily. Working and learning in the STEM field can sometimes be challenging and is not an isolated experience; we all have our struggles in life. Just know that you are not alone. You would be shocked at some of the academic and professional setbacks that some of the most successful people you know have had to overcome. Failure is often a part of the larger story of success, while resilience and the ability to learn and relearn are essential skill sets. Belief in what you do and who you are becoming will drive you through. 


As we learn more about our engineers, we find a new appreciation for the work and skills they bring to InSource Solutions. Their passion for growing within themselves is remarkable and shows daily in their work. Stay tuned as we continue this series.