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Engineer of the Week – Ken Benedict

Jennifer Alanskas | January 22, 2023

InSource Solutions is excited to announce our next Engineer of the Week. We dedicate this week to inspiring future engineers by increasing their understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers. They are an essential part of our business, and we proudly celebrate their many accomplishments. 


We are excited to dedicate our Engineer of the Week to Ken Benedict, who graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. Wanting something outside the standard 9-5 desk job, Ken decided to utilize his skills in a field that would excite him. Engineering in manufacturing sparked his interest while at college. The opportunities Ken took enabled him to see how manufacturing was an ever-changing industry. We are eager to have you learn more about Ken and his inspiration to get into engineering.


Engineer of the week Ken BenedictWhat inspired you to become an engineer and pursue a career in manufacturing? 

Growing up, I enjoyed taking electronics apart, making changes, and putting them back together. It was something that not only fascinated me but allowed me to explore how they worked. In school, I learned I was great at math, which can be the starting foundation for an engineering degree. What led me to the manufacturing industry was a Co-Op experience I took while in college. I was able to do this with International Paper in Virginia. At the Co-Op, I enjoyed learning about the different processes, being in a large plant that rarely shut down, and I loved not being behind a desk 100% of the time. Once the Co-Op was complete and I graduated, I knew I wanted to be in the manufacturing industry. The industry provided the constant action and engagement of operators and processes that I enjoyed.


What do you like about being an engineer in the manufacturing industry? 

I love that no two days are the same. Throughout my career, I have seen and worked with more processes than I can count on and more systems than I can remember. While doing this, I have also enjoyed getting to know the different people who work with these systems and processes. While helping these individuals and teams, I have created long-lasting relationships in this industry. 


What is that one thing that inspires you professionally every day? 

Without a doubt, the ability to help others. It is very gratifying when I can help someone resolve an issue or make their life easier. As a manager, I love seeing those I lead grow in their roles while growing our company and industry. With them, the inspiration is endless.


What is that one piece of advice you would give someone pursuing a career in manufacturing but is still deciding about it?

Spend some time visiting as many different engineers and manufacturers as possible. You will quickly learn how there are some similarities within the industry, but there are more differences. Engineering and manufacturing are constantly changing and will effectively make you engaged. Engineering in the manufacturing industry is different than the type of environment of a tedious 9-5 job. If you want a career full of excitement and learning, engineering is the way to go. 


As we learn more about our engineers, we find a new appreciation for the work and skills they have brought to InSource Solutions. Stay tuned as we continue this series.