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Engineer of the week – Michelle Miller

Jennifer Alanskas | January 8, 2023



2023 is here, and Insource Solutions Engineer of the week is back. We are dedicated to inspiring future engineers by increasing their understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers. 


As 2023 comes in full swing, we continue our dedication to showcasing our engineers. They are an essential part of our business, and we proudly celebrate their many accomplishments. Our engineer of the week is Michelle Miller, celebrating many years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Her growth mindset and problem-solving skills are just a few reasons she got into engineering. Take a deep dive with us as we learn what got her into engineering in the manufacturing industry. 


What inspired you to become an Engineer and pursue a career in manufacturing? 

Engineers run in my family, but in high school, I wanted to pursue a different career that was not following the family trend. While in high school, I visited my cousin, who was majoring in Mechanical Engineering. After seeing the projects she was working on and the internships she could gain experience with, my mindset shifted. Visiting her opened my eyes to the various career options available with an engineering degree. As soon as I entered the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I immediately enrolled in the College of Engineering. From there, I tried different internships; one was a design internship that wasn’t for me, so I decided to switch it up and try a manufacturing internship. There found my interest in manufacturing, and loved it ever since.


What do you like about being an engineer in the manufacturing industry? 

In manufacturing, every day is different. The manufacturing environment is more fast-paced and keeps you on your toes, which I enjoy. There are opportunities everywhere, and being able to work with the different levels of employees at a company makes my job interesting. From frontline workers to supervisors and corporate employees, you get to solve various concerns for the business and provide multiple solutions that work for all. The solutions we provide allow the different levels of employees to work together and create shared goals for their company. This ability to work with diverse groups of people to solve issues adds value to my work, which I have always enjoyed.


What is that one thing that inspires you professionally every day? 

One of the first leadership books I read out of college was a book on servant leadership, and one of the first managers in my career would always ask her employees what she could do to help them. This type of leadership has always resonated with me. Whether I was a project lead, supervisor, or manager, I have always tried to be a leader who encourages and motivates my team. A great leader will inspire others to do their best by ensuring their team has everything they need to succeed and making sure they know they are valued.


What is that one piece of advice you would give someone pursuing a manufacturing career but still needing to figure it out?

Go for it! There are so many different roles you can have in manufacturing – the best way to learn what you like or don’t like is to test the waters. Try to do various internships to find what you enjoy. Manufacturing is a great industry if you enjoy solving problems, working with others, and paving the way for continuous improvement. 


Stay tuned as we introduce another InSource Engineer of the week and showcase their career!