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Exciting Innovations allow InSource Services Teams to maintain “The Touch”

Trent Hart, InSource Manufacturing Consultant | February 14, 2022
Meet, Deploy & Train Remotely

Covid – 19 has changed the way we engage with our customers since 2020 and most likely forever. Because of Covid – 19 safety protocols, the InSource Services & Consulting Team was forced to come up with some innovative ways to engage our customers virtually.  As a somewhat surprising result, we believe we are giving our customers at least the same and arguably better service than we did with in person, on-site engagements. We started by using communication tools such as MS Teams, Zoom and others to conduct project meetings and to engage customers remotely that were building out their application (like AVEVA Teamwork) instances. We also started using devices such as iPads, and a Kubi device that would allow us to virtually attend meetings. The Kubi telepresence robot automatically rotated to the manager that was speaking during a meeting. This gives the customer and InSource what we refer to as “the touch”, where the customer feels that we are in the room constantly engaging with them during the meeting.

An example with RealWear(TM)

Now it’s 2022 and Covid is still restricting some of our deployments.  International travel to conduct business with our oversees customers and partners has been particularly hard hit. So again, InSource will be leveraging new ways to meet, engage, and train our customers without an InSource Services deployment member traveling onsite.

As an example, we are currently engaged with an overseas customer location that will be implementing a Manufacturing Execution System, or MES system that tracks Downtime, Quality / SPC charting, Product / Production, Blending, and WRMS (Recipe Management). With the Covid restrictions spinning back up across Europe we had to again look at ways to engage the customer without being present at the customer site.

The InSource Services team will be utilizing a new deployment roll out tool where we will engage the customer using a RealWear HMT- 1Z1 Hands Free Mobile Tablet. This will allow the customer to wear a camera on a helmet, strapped to a ball cap, or just on their head so that we can see what they see as they walk around the facility or attend meetings. That way, we can give them the best possible customer engagement without being physically present. The wearer can use voice commands to zoom or otherwise direct our team’s attention. The RealWear system is hands free, rugged, and has an unmatched noise cancelation system that make it easy to train the employees on the plant floor at the employees’ workstation or HMI. The RealWear system also has a High – Resolution Display that views like a 7” tablet that can easily be moved out of the way when a complete field of vision is needed. It can be used as a Webcam on any video conferencing tool that allows you to select which camera, like WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meetings, OBS and Wire cast.  Using the RealWear system InSource will be conducting hands on training with employees on how to execute work movements, and daily employee actions on their MES or other systems.

For InSource this is a game changer in how we engage with customers virtually. We can now see the actual HMI Screen and what actions the employees are taking during the training session, and all of this is being Streamed Live. This will again allow InSource to give the customer ”the touch” during training to without physically being there during the training sessions. For those employees that might need extra individual coaching or remedial training to be successful using their new MES systems, this approach makes scheduling that a breeze.

Integrated MES & Connected Worker Technologies

Additionally, this is the 1st MES engagement where we will be integrating the entire MES system with the customers AVEVA Teamwork instance, meaning that for every employee in the plant the MES training that pertains to them will be at their fingertips either by scanning the QR Code at their work station, or by simply accessing the information on their hand-held devices. This is new and exciting for both the customer and InSource.

To achieve project success, full adoption and ongoing disciplined execution, it is always paramount to address People, Process, and Technology.  Integrating a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) with a connected worker technology, such as AVEVA Teamwork, was a powerful step.  It is establishing a solid foundation to help ensure the success of the MES solution. And now, through technology and work process innovations, this project is being accomplished 100% remotely without loosing “the touch.”  How amazing.

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