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X0 Health is a software solution used to monitor your AVEVA applications and system hardware. Using the X0 Health solution, InSource personnel, who monitor your system daily, can identify upset conditions and alert end users to potential issues before they manifest into real problems like software application errors or machine downtime events.

Reduce Downtime and Improve Availability

Critical Systems Support

For years, HMI’s have kept processes running and notified plant operators or managers when there are issues. Today, the X0 Health is a solution that continuously monitors your AVEVA/Wonderware applications and system hardware, identifies upset conditions and alerts you to potential issues before they manifest into real problems like software application errors or machine downtime events.

X0 Heath, leveraging real time monitoring agents, can be set up and monitor your AVEVA systems’ health within 48 hours. For a AVEVA System deployment, X0 Health Monitoring is constantly watching 7 areas:

  • Computer Health
  • Network Performance
  • AVEVA SMC Logs
  • Windows Event Logs
  • SQL Server Performance
  • Files and Folders
  • Select Wonderware Tools

Users may be unaware of their AVEVA system’s health and of opportunities to take proactive measures to mitigate potential system failures. X0 Health can be configured in a variety of ways. Your organization can get immediate notification of any potential issue(s) that may degrade the performance of your Wonderware application and address the situation. If desired, InSource will receive alerts on behalf of your organization and intervene to help mitigate issues before problems appear. Regardless of your solution:

Continuous Health Monitoring

What does this Solution do?

InSource X0 Solutions™ subscriptions include a health and wellness program. Health checks are done online daily, which enables us to take the pulse of your entire system. Notifications are configured based on your desired support level. We take care of your AVEVA applications so that you can take care of business. System Health Checks & Mitigation Coaching.

What Makes this solution Unique?

Are you looking for a weekend Project? Yes, we can literally stand up an X0 Health instance in 48 hours, and we have. What normally would take 3 months to deploy has been done in 2 days.

How much does it cost? What type of ROI should I expect?

InSource X0 Solutions™ save annual IT labor costs, troubleshooting and maintenance time, and unplanned downtime. All InSource X0 Solutions are subscription based, making it easier to get started and easier to budget. The bottom line, InSource X0 Solutions™ projects are lower cost and quicker to deploy.

Where is it typically used?

Because InSource X0 Solutions™ are incredibly scalable, you can place our solutions in one facility or spread across your entire enterprise and still have one portal. It is a one-stop shop for all your data. Start small and grow.

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