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With data-center providers rapidly building data centers around the world, maintaining these facilities is increasingly complex. Our Unified Operations Center solution connects operators to platforms and data sets that previously existed in disparate systems. The platforms will also be able to scale regardless of number of sites or global locations. Providers can deliver a consistent experience to address the expanding digital infrastructure needs of their clients. The result is operational efficiency and a more reliable data center fleet.

Unifying Data Center Operations

Capitalize on digital technologies and transform your business by integrating and visualizing all available data.

Make faster, more informed decisions and speed crisis response

Resiliency is a primary concern for data center operators and their clients. Our Unified Operations Center slolution offers infrastructure operators a unified operational view, eliminating departmental silos, integrating IT and OT systems, and presenting clear, concise, and comprehensive information. Additionally, our suite of monitoring, control, and industrial information management solutions empowers data center operators to monitor operations and take decisive action across all sites and locations.

Minimize risk to people, assets, and operations​

In the data center business, uptime equates to revenue. InSource helps data center operators increase situational awareness and deepen their understanding of the operating condition of their assets. This increased knowledge enables data center operators to extend the useful life of their assets while ensuring the safety of employees and equipment.

Reduce energy and operational costs​

As the costs of storage and computing continue to drop, cutting operational and energy expenses can transform a barely profitable data center into a lucrative venture. Our suite of monitoring and control, digital twin, and operations optimization tools, combined with enterprise asset management and asset performance solutions, empower data center operators to optimize energy usage in line with service requirements.

Optimize performance of employees, assets, and operations

Data Center operators are increasingly turning to digital transformation to streamline operations. By empowering employees with mobile tools, connecting isolated assets, offering contextualized data visualization and analysis, and providing advanced training tools, Our solutions allow for increased situational awareness. This enables the full utilization of existing data for informed decision-making and real-time enhancement of systems and asset performance.

Unified Data Center Operations

A system of systems approach to manage your Data Center operations.

InSource, in conjunction with our partner AVEVA has delivered best-in-class monitoring and control software information and intelligence solutions, predictive asset performance and maintenance solutions, including workforce mobility tools, as well as operations management solutions that allow centralization of operational control centers for over 20 years. We’re trusted, proven and scalable.

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