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Our self-paced training ensures that learners can obtain the same certificate of completion as those participating in traditional settings.

InSource Solutions offers self-paced training courses in addition to traditional in-person classroom training and live online training, recognizing that different individuals have different learning preferences and needs. This flexible approach ensures that all learners have the flexibility to choose a training that best fits their style, whether they thrive in a structured classroom setting, prefer the dynamic interaction of live online classes, or need the flexibility of self-paced learning to balance professional development with daily work responsibilities. Courses such as InTouch, Historian, and Plant SCADA are available across these formats, providing consistent access to the same high-quality materials.

Schedule Training

Please contact our training representative, Melody, to discuss options and to schedule a self-paced training class.

What our clients say about us.

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  • The instructor of my class was phenomenal. He took us through many examples in class, was patient and caring towards everyone. A+!”

  • Ben is an excellent instructor. Having not used InTouch before, Ben was very clear and answered all questions.”

  • Ben did a fantastic job giving our class as much practical knowledge as he could."”

  • Definitely a 5. Awesome Class, Ben was an excellent instructor. It helped me understand our environment much better.”

  • Ben did an excellent job instructing this class! His demonstrations were very interactive and his explanations were in depth relating to the training criteria.”