InSource InSider

Delivering value-add services that meet your unique needs.

In today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing sector, the adoption of new technologies is on the rise, bringing new challenges for facilities to effectively integrate workers with diverse knowledge and skill sets. At InSource, we understand the importance of catering to your specific requirements, and our primary goal is to provide exceptional solutions and services that meet your organization’s unique desires and demands. Through our comprehensive InSource InSider and InSource InSider+ solutions, we offer a wide range of tools, training programs, and expert support, empowering your employees with the necessary resources for success.




Technology. Learning. Community.



InSource InSider and InSource InSider+ offer a comprehensive solution that helps you quickly onboard new employees and equip your current team with the necessary skills to succeed. Our services also allow your team to test various software packages before making a purchase decision. With InSource InSider and InSource InSider+, your organization can build a strong sense of community between your team, your peers, and the InSource Team.




Unlimited Training – Empower your team’s growth

Unlock limitless training opportunities for your site. Attend sessions based on seat availability and published schedules, with a maximum of four seats per class. Take advantage of unlimited self-paced classes and video-based training resources to learn at your own pace. Plus, gain access to a curriculum coach who will assist you in creating a customized training plan based on your installed license base.


500 Flex Credits – Harness the potential of Flex credits

With Flex Credits, you’ll not only gain access to a wide range of software options, but you’ll also receive outcome support and coaching from our dedicated client success team. This unique approach enables you to assess how the software aligns with your specific daily operations, empowering you to make informed decisions in your organization’s digital transformation journey.


Schedule an Expert – Experience quicker access to our experts

As a valued member and subscriber, you gain exclusive access to InSource Solutions’ intellectual property, allowing you to easily schedule sessions with our product and industry experts.


Industry and Product Forum – Access the power of community

Our Forum provides an avenue for open discussions, allowing you to ask questions and benefit from the experiences and insights of a vibrant community. This platform will allow you to gather suggestions and tap into the collective wisdom of users who utilize the same software.


Members-only content – Unlock a wealth of content

InSource InSider and InSource InSider+ allow access to content that provides detailed instructions and guidance based on InSource’s learnings around our software offerings and preconfigured example solutions. This will enable your organization to deploy solutions faster, accelerating self-driven projects and providing an accelerated realization of ROI.