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Leveraging SaaS capabilities through the industrial cloud platform, AVEVA Connect, AVEVA Unified Engineering is a data-centric environment for real-time engineering data. It covers your project’s lifecycle from conceptual design, through front-end engineering and design (FEED), to the detailed design stage.

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AVEVA Unified Engineering Features

Single platform

Achieve data transparency across project disciplines and through each step of the design lifecycle, using the only data-centric environment that unifies the process engineering and asset engineering lifecycles.

Integrated engineering and design

Execute conceptual, FEED, and detailed engineering design from one data-centric hub to enable collaboration across teams and external suppliers.

Digital twin data modeling

Develop a digital twin using real-time project information to provide engineering insight for all project collaborators, reducing handover complexities.

Cloud implementation

Work securely, anytime and anywhere, to improve productivity, empower your workforce, and scale quickly according to project needs.

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Unified Engineering Products

AVEVA E3D Design

The most advanced 3D multi-discipline design solution

AVEVA Engineering

Connect interdisciplinary engineering teams to collaboratively create and sustain key engineering components for plant or marine projects.

AVEVA Electrical and Instrumentation

Create instrumentation and electrical drawings, schematics, and data sheets that integrate with ETAP for detailed calculation, and 3D for cable routing.

AVEVA P&ID and AVEVA Diagrams

Build your process diagrams with intelligent, graphical, data-driven applications.

AVEVA Process Simulation

Use simulation to design sustainable processes, products, and plants more efficiently.

AVEVA PRO/II Simulation

Perform engineering studies to optimize plant performance and improve process design.

AVEVA Unified Engineering Demo

Improve transparency and facilitate collaboration between distributed, multi-discipline teams.


One unified platform for the entire asset lifecycle

ur unique relational database delivers a data-centric and agnostic environment, enabling multidiscipline engineering teams to concurrently execute greenfield and brownfield plant engineering projects and then leverage that asset model throughout the operations lifecycle. These solutions can be utilized independently, or combined for maximum effect, taking advantage of the entire AVEVA software portfolio. These solutions cover integrated process design, simulation, engineering, procurement, construction, and handover processes.

Proven return on capital employed

Reduced capital investment risk through rapid digital engineering, work processes and tools to achieve up to:
50% increase in quality
30% engineering efficiency increase
30% reduction in cost estimates
20% reduced time to create estimates
A minimum 5% Total Installed Cost savings and the shortest possible schedule results in the highest ROCE.

Integrated data flow

AVEVA offers process simulation, engineering and automation from one platform with seamless integrated data flows. As a global Engineering Design and Simulation leader, our package includes design case management, optimized production of list and datasheet deliverables, ability to return detailed engineering data to simulation for control checkout, safety analysis and operator training simulation.

Flexible commercial models

AVEVA Flex is the market’s first and only edge-to-enterprise subscription offer, enabling portfolio as a service. Amazingly, our commercial approach allows unlimited scalability, unlimited IO, and unlimited clients. It provides complete transparency into your licensing estate, precision control over your software consumption, and flexibility to optimize software spend in order to drive business growth and innovation. Scale up as your business grows without incurring incremental costs.

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