A complete LIFE-CYCLE approach to assets, from concept to digital twin

An industrial asset’s Digital Twin strategy begins with an Engineering, Procure and Construct (EPC 4.0) strategy.

Our job is to shrink the engineering effort from concept to detailed design and beyond.  Empower your teams and cut the time, cost, and risk of capital project engineering. Develop an EPC 4.0 strategy that sets your teams up for success, saving you up to 15% on your total installed costs. Our solutions include integrated process design, simulation, engineering, procurement, construction, and handover processes. Ensure your capital expenditure counts for more, projects are delivered on time, and plants can start up faster and safer.

Once your plant is operating smoothly, leverage the power of a single object centric database.  Use our  Cloud solution provides rapid and intuitive access to the Digital Twin. It enables users to capture and work with information of all types and from all sources, including documents, drawings, 3D models, and operations databases.

What makes us different?

One Unified Platform for the entire Asset Lifecycle

Our unique relational database delivers a data centric and agnostic environment, enabling multidiscipline engineering teams to concurrently execute greenfield and brownfield plant engineering projects and then leverage that asset model throughout the operations lifecycle.  These solutions can be utilized independently, or combined for maximum effect, taking advantage of the entire AVEVA software portfolio. These solutions cover integrated process design, simulation, engineering, procurement, construction, and handover processes.

Proven Return on Capital Employed

Reduced Capital Investment risk through rapid digital engineering, work processes and tools to achieve up to:
• 50% increase in quality
• 30% engineering efficiency increase
• 30% reduction in cost estimates
• 20% reduced time to create estimates
A minimum 5% Total Installed Cost Savings & the shortest possible schedule results in the highest ROCE.

Integrated Data Flow

AVEVA offers process simulation, engineering  and automation from one platform with seamless integrated data flows. Single collaboration environment for:

-1D(i.e. line lists and data sheets)

-2D (i.e. PIDs, Isometrics, Shop drawings)

-3D (i.e. laser scans & 3D models)

A Global Engineering Design & Simulation Leader

Our package includes Process design case management, Shared engineering data repository, controlled exchange of information improving engineering workflows, optimized production of list and datasheet deliverables, ability to return detailed engineering data to simulation for control checkout, safety
analysis and operator training simulation

Dr Jochen Steimel, Covestro

Now we have one single platform, and everyone can use the same tools to work on the problems and focus on that instead of learning a new tool every time.

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