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We empower organizations to operate their business in real-time and make smarter decisions – streamlining processes, optimizing operations and improving safety. Our solutions leverage data-driven visualization to increase operational efficiency, collaboration and eliminate value leaks.

AVEVA Edge to Enterprise Advantages

  • Platform and vendor-agnostic software works with any PLC, RTU, PAC, IIoT device, and IT business systems
  • The world’s first OMI responsive visualization is data-driven and contextually aware
  • Unparalleled engineering efficiency due to out-of-the-box application standards automation library, graphics library, and runtime framework
  • Hybrid IIoT platform – cloud and on-premises architecture for flexibility
  • Applications automatically generate themselves – runtime displays based on multi-form factor layouts
  • Unique centralized deployment for seamless change management and continuous improvements
  • Web-based access – zero Installation and no Java JRE
  • Unlimited scalability; unlimited clients; unlimited IO
  • Most secure industrial platform with node-to-node TLS encryption
  • High performance integrated Process Historian including cloud-based SaaS offering
  • 30+ years of Operational Technology integration experience


Small footprint, full-featured HMI for embedded and OEM applications.


Use din one-third of industrial facilities world-wide; remote web-based browser support.

AVEVA System Platform

Responsive, OMI visualization; enables enterprise-wide standardization

AVEVA Unified Operations Center

Foundation for real-time operational performance management for closed-loop collaboration and execution.

Edge to Enterprise Visualization

One Platform, Many Experiences.

What Makes Us Different?

The world leader is now available from Edge to Enterprise

Used in one third of industrial facilities world-wide, we offer the broadest and deepest portfolio of industrial visualization and control software on the planet. Our platform approach enables flexible architectures with limitless scalability from a simple HMI node to a comprehensive plant-wide information system. Incrementally plug-in modules such as MES, Workflow, Quality, Batch and Enterprise Integration for sustainable production and continuous operations improvement.

We operationalize your data

The real power of any data is making it actionable.  We empower operators to visualize, optimize and act. Our unique approach creates situational awareness and contextualized information that operators need to quickly and accurately address abnormal situations before they impact operations.  We give all personnel a complete overview and ability to monitor the health of the plant at every moment.

Flexible commercial models

AVEVA Flex is the market’s first and only edge-to-enterprise subscription offer, enabling portfolio as a service.  Amazingly, our commercial approach allows unlimited scalability, unlimited IO, unlimited clients.  It provides complete transparency into your licensing estate, precision control over your software consumption, and flexibility to optimize software spend both in terms of how it is allocated and what it is used for in order to drive business growth and innovation.  Scale up as your business grows without incurring incremental costs.

Secure cloud functionality

Our solutions mitigate the challenges of geographical distributed assets, operations and personnel. Now send information from one part of the business to another, even when locations are far away and on different networks. Collect, aggregate & visualize your data in the cloud, where AI and Machine Learning can add context and enable rapid decision making. Get holistic insights into your whole business. End-to-end workflow from development, visualization, storage and even running applications in a cloud of your choice.

Swirl graphic

The InSource system gives us the ability during commissioning to spread our expertise across a large geographic area. It gives us the ability to look at specific pieces of data remotely and the expert can make a decision on it. ”