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The City of London, Ontario Digitizes their Logbooks, Shift Handover, and Work Instructions

InSource Solutions Marketing | April 15, 2020

The City of London Ontario wastewater division is responsible for 5 plants and numerous pumping stations. Like most industries, they have lean staffs managing a large geography and coordinating duties and documenting their response to events by various means.

Many manufacturers still utilize paper logbooks throughout their sites, logging maintenance, operations and safety events. But paper logbooks can only be at one place at a time. This can be an issue when multiple managers need to review activities simultaneously or want information to be constantly available.

Written shift handover reports often contain crucial daily information but can be error prone and ineffective if not easily accessible and searchable. It may be hard to reconcile the data in other systems, such as Plant Historians, if not integrated. Work instructions may be misunderstood using traditional communication methods, which creates an accountability gap.

See how the City of London, Ontario remedied the pains of multiple word processors, spreadsheets, data silos and paper logs by deploying the j5 Operations Logbook solution. Operations teams at multiple locations are now able to digitally record, manage and view centralized information through a web browser and mobile device. Work planning is consistent and effective. Communication across sites, shifts and generations has been dramatically improved. And a searchable electronic paper trail is the only thing left behind.