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The Power of a Digitally Connected Worker

Scott Miller, Vice President. InSource Solutions | April 8, 2021
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“Tomorrow’s leaders will need to transform their organizations to support a new breed of empowered, technologically savvy workers who want a collaborative, flexible culture where they are constantly learning, challenged, engaged, and praised.”

That was the lead into an article 1 a colleague of mine, and I published in the Manufacturing Executive Leadership Journal in 2012. It focused on what leaders needed to do to prepare effectively for the coming changes demanded of manufacturing organizations and afforded by burgeoning technology advances. Little did we know how extreme the demands would be or how far technology would advance in a few short years.

Manufacturers today are struggling to develop (and keep) those workers due to:

  • Lower staffing that is no longer a desire, it’s a reality.
  • Increased knowledge attrition and erosion.
  • Higher and more stringent standards for quality and compliance.

Technology alone is not the answer, however, there have been significant advances in the following areas:

  • Mobility.
  • Collaboration.
  • interface design.
  • Alignment of basic capabilities to actual use cases.

These advances greatly enable what Gartner calls the ‘Connected Factory Worker 2making what might have been possible a few years ago a reality today. And the reality is that today’s manufacturers likely cannot thrive without it and it’s actually far less complex than you might expect.

Implemented properly and quickly, these technologies promise and deliver on rapid time to adoption and sustained value. AVEVA’s leadership in assembling a portfolio of technologies that apply to every role in manufacturing is unparalleled. The technologies we are highlighting illustrate how AVEVA is making information and collaboration accessible and easy to use by those on the front lines…where the in the moment decisions need to be made.

These technologies are all about:

  • Being on the floor or in the field.
  • Relying on contextualized, real time data and information.
  • Giving access to most recent knowledge and content.
  • Engaging peers, supervisors or even a remote expert to provide guidance.

Putting the data in the hands of your front-line folks empowers accelerated decision making that avoids cost and increases the potential for optimization.

Join us over the next three months as we show you how the following three technologies can ensure your organization realizes the Power of the Digitally Connected Worker.

AVEVA Teamwork: Drive Performance Support & Collaboration

AVEVA Teamwork enables industrial organizations to implement skills development, knowledge sharing, and collaboration management across their enterprise from the cloud.  Whether providing training videos, digital logbook or answering a call for help, AVEVA Teamwork solves many of the challenges with traditional training and knowledge retention industrial organizations experience today. 

AVEVA Mobile: Digitize Procedures and Compliance

Industrial enterprises are all concerned with improving safety and situational awareness of operators in the field. By equipping field workers with the information, they need to make tough decisions on the spot using ruggedized handhelds or commercially available off-the-shelf mobile devices, operators have details such as operations and maintenance procedures, equipment diagrams, and operating history in the palms of their hands. 

AVEVA Asset Information Management: The Single Source of Truth across an Asset’s Lifecyle

AVEVA Asset Information Management turns data from multiple information sources and systems into trusted actionable insights, identifying and cross-referencing all the relationships between equipment, documents, drawings, and various data formats.  It accelerates information discovery and links distributed teams to a common data asset via one unique application, deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or both with a hybrid approach.

1*Understanding Next Generation Leadership, Manufacturing Executive Leadership Journal, September 2012
2Poka Recognized as a Connected Worker Vendor for Second Year in a Row. Connected Factory Worker, Hype Cycle for Manufacturing Operations Strategy, August 2020


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