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Celebrating Veterans Month: Spotlight on Rufus Handsome

Jennifer Alanskas, Marketing Specialist | November 28, 2023
Rufus Handsome

November is a month of celebration, where we express our deep appreciation for the courage and dedication of individuals who have selflessly served our nation. As a part of our Veterans Month series, we want to honor their remarkable contributions in various fields, particularly in the Manufacturing Industry. Join us as we dive into the inspiring stories of our veterans and recognize their significant impact.

Starting a career can be unpredictable, but for Rufus, his journey from the USAF to a successful career in manufacturing and engineering was a fortunate twist of fate. As we dive deeper into Rufus’s inspiring story, we explore what motivated him to pursue engineering, what he enjoys about his career, and the valuable lessons he has learned along the way. 

The Unlikely Beginnings

Rufus had always dreamed of working in law enforcement, which led him to join the USAF as a Security Police officer. However, fate had other plans for him. Early in his career, he discovered an unexpected talent for computers and technology. This talent set him on a path that eventually led him to the technical field in the US Army. After his military service, Rufus found himself drawn to Information Technology and Systems Engineering. Later, he was given the opportunity to work in Industrial Automation, a decision he has never regretted.

Rufus has found his calling in engineering and working with manufacturing clients. This career path allows him to utilize his natural creativity and problem-solving skills fully. He finds a deep sense of satisfaction and purpose in his work, constantly pushing himself to reach new heights and achieve his full potential. His work continually reminds him of the limitless possibilities. It helps him answer a fundamental question he always asks himself, “How High Can I Rise, and What Truly Can I accomplish?”

His commitment to being the best version of himself motivates Rufus daily. Beyond personal growth, he aspires to be an example for underprivileged young boys and men who may look up to him and think, “I want to be like him.” He aims to present his life, lifestyle, and actions as an alternative path others can choose— inspiration for those needing positive role models.

Military Roots: A Foundation for Success:

Reflecting on his time in the military, Rufus emphasizes that joining the armed forces was the best decision he made as a young man. The military provided structure, instilled proper discipline and responsibility, taught him various skills, and exposed him to diverse people and cultures. Most importantly, it nurtured in him the self-confidence to say, “I can do this.”

For those considering a career in manufacturing but feeling unsure, Rufus has a simple yet powerful piece of advice: Give it a shot. His message is clear – there’s nothing to lose in trying. Like him, anyone can succeed in manufacturing with determination and a positive mindset. As Rufus puts it, “You can do this.”

Rufus’s story is truly inspiring. He had always dreamed of becoming a law enforcement officer, but life had different plans. He eventually found himself in the manufacturing and engineering industry and enjoyed a successful career. His journey is a testament to life’s unpredictable and exciting nature and its twists and turns. His story inspires those navigating their career paths, reminding us that sometimes, the most fulfilling journeys are the ones we never expected to take.