Food & Beverage

In the food and beverage industry, brand image and consumer buying habits impact your bottom line. We offer the right professional services and software and hardware solutions to help you launch new products quickly, maintain quality and safety standards, collaborate with supply chain partners, and control costs while optimizing performance.

Our system allows for fast, efficient and accurate communication between the manufacturer and plant and enable your organization to systematically account for every link in the supply chain — from raw materials to finished product.

Water & Wastewater

As competition increases, the water and wastewater industry must continually offer more customer-oriented services while still increasing productivity, reducing costs and responding to changing regulatory requirements.

InSource Solutions provides the right mix of products and services that can help automate and integrate operations, processes and communications that support the specific needs of water utilities companies. InSource can help plan and implement a comprehensive technology solution to improve reliability, decrease downtime, optimize supply capacity, and meet regulatory requirements.

Data Centers & Infrastructure

Few technologies have greater potential to balance the three biggest challenges facing data centers – to maintain uptime, to mitigate costs and to manage complexity – than unified operations centers.

With data-center providers rapidly building data centers around the world, maintaining these facilities is increasingly complex.   Our Unified Operations Center solution connects operators to platforms and data sets that previously existed in disparate systems.  The platforms will also be able to scale regardless of number of sites or global locations.  Providers can deliver a consistent experience to address the expanding digital infrastructure needs of their clients.   The result is operational efficiency and a more reliable data center fleet.

Metals & Mining

Global competition, rising energy costs and the need to optimize production are but some of the challenges facing the steel, aluminum and specialty metals industry.

We’ll help you enhance your process and design a road map to streamline production through data capture, trending and reporting controls. Our seasoned consultants coupled with the right mix of software and hardware solutions will help you obtain everything from a more efficient production process to better plant-wide communication and management of resources.

Consumer Products

Manufacturers of consumer products — from soap to paper towels, electronics to lipstick — boast large-scale, complex and high-output operations. Manufacturing intelligence is key to helping organizations survive and thrive in this environment as they face rising energy and commodity prices, broad inventories and ever-increasing consumer demand for new products.

From productivity processes on the plant floor to decision-making in the boardroom, InSource Solutions provides the insight and expertise to guide your manufacturing business.

Discrete, Continuous, Batch and Hybrid Manufacturing

To remain competitive in a crowded marketplace, discrete manufacturers have to stay ahead of the curve, continually launching new products — both quickly and efficiently. InSource Solutions helps discrete manufacturers to have improved collaboration with supply chain partners, speed up production and optimize performance.

Our experienced team of consultants will design a road map that streamlines production through data collection, analysis and reporting, thus helping manufacturers enhance plant-wide communications, optimize production and reduce costs.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences manufacturers face many barriers to productivity, including long research and development (R&D) cycles, rising raw material costs, and regulatory, quality and safety issues.
From specialized software and infrastructure including HMI and enclosures, we can help you identify, design and guide implementation of information systems and other products to improve control over manufacturing operations, ensure regulatory and quality compliance and increase operational efficiency and responsiveness.

InSource helps pharmaceutical companies comply with new regulations, enhances the manufacturing process by synchronizing communications and consolidating data.

Pulp, Paper & Wood Products

Global competition, plant consolidations, environmental compliance issues, customer demands, and the rising cost of raw materials and energy are just some of the challenges confronting the pulp & paper and wood industry today. Efficient use of resources and the implementation of innovative technology are especially critical.

InSource Solutions has the best mix of services and products to help you streamline manufacturing processes, collect and analyze data and gain control of manufacturing operations.

General Process Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing presents unique challenges. Optimizing your inventory, increasing productivity, complying with customer and regulatory demands are just a few, all while driving continuous improvement.

Our software and hardware solutions help achieve quality compliance and manufacturing synergies as well as improving efficiency and operational control. We look at quality, regulatory compliance, production cycle times, cost optimization, speed to market and the processes associated with each must all come together. Communication is key – and must absolutely transcend operating barriers and organizational silos.

Power & Energy

Restructuring of the industry, energy costs, growing demand, integration of distributed generation and other factors place electrical utilities in a dynamic intricate environment that demands seamless flow of information in a scalable, reliable and secure environment.

InSource Solutions provides products and services that can help automate and integrate operations, processes and communications that support the specific needs of power and energy companies. We plan and implement a comprehensive technology solution to improve reliability, decrease downtime, optimize supply capacity, and meet regulatory requirements.