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Every organization has a cadence. A cadence is the regular review, reporting, and communication interactions activities that check performance and drive action to respond or improve. Examples are supervisor to supervisor shift handovers, shift review meetings, daily & weekly operations meetings, scheduling meetings, etc. Technology selection for getting the right data is important…. but it’s not enough. It is critical that the technology solution fit and be used for these activities. All too often we witness the deployment of a solution that is almost effective and all that is needed is a champion to move the group from tacit acceptance to realization of its full value. InSource will align the reports, dashboards, and workflows with how your team operates and act as the champion during the meetings and interactions. The local team will have moved from basic understanding to seeing the tools used effectively using a personalized management system.

George Bernard Shaw: “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

The SightBridge System for Management (SfM) not only ensures communication; it guarantees adoption. We operationalize your solution and bring it to life.

“Well presented data ……leads to informed decisions ….that are mobilized for effective actions …..resulting in sustained results.”  -The InSource Way.

  • CLIF Bar
    For many, Clif Bar is a go-to energy bar for the trail or during the workday, but for 295 employee/owners in Twin Falls, Idaho, Clif Bar is much more than…
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  • Continental Building Products
    CBP implemented a modern manufacturing execution system with real-time visualization dashboards to increase production visibility and data usage. What they got surprised them: improved employee engagement, increased quality & efficiency and an even better understanding of their business.
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  • Danone
    Ensuring product quality and traceability. Danone is a global leader in the food and beverage industry with a mission to drive healthier and more sustainable consumption through its One Planet.…
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  • DC Water
    Keeping the water on at Pinellas County is a public health and safety issue; InSource Solutions and Stratus Technologies work together to create solutions where operational downtime is not an option.
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  • Rubberlite
    Rubberlite worked with InSource to deliver an innovative fault tolerant supervisory control system using a Stratus & Wonderware architecture that achieved 64% scrap reduction while sales grew 15%.
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