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Packaged IoT & Managed Services for Industry

InSource Solutions is revolutionizing the way data is collected, stored, utilized and maintained with InSource X0 Solutions™. InSource X0 Solutions™ pairs AVEVA world-class software offerings with InSource’s best-in-class services.

Our data solutions are completely agnostic to any SCADA or PLC control system. Our Edge Gateway devices are pre-engineered for optimized contextual data transfer of key information. Your data is stored in a secure cloud, viewable with any computer or mobile device. Our health monitoring solution delivers business and data continuity with remote health monitoring. InSource X0 Solutions™ are a complete step-by-step approach to improved operations.

X0 Downtime

X0 Downtime partners AVEVA’s cloud-based Insight platform with InSource’s award-winning support and project deployment services. AVEVA Insight provides a secure and managed solution for collecting, storing, and visualizing process and performance data that can be accessed from anywhere that you can access the internet. It can also be accessed via your mobile device using the Insight iOS or Android application.

In addition to data management, X0 Downtime is delivered to the end user as an out-of-the-box solution. InSource will work closely with your team to define your data collection needs. Once that task is complete, the InSource team will go to work licensing the necessary software, acquiring the necessary hardware, and deploying and configuring the solution for your application needs. We then ship you a configured solution that just needs to be plugged into your network and turned on to start collecting data.

X0 Health

X0 Health is a software solution used to monitor your AVEVA applications and system hardware. Using the X0 Health solution, InSource personnel, who monitor your system daily, can identify upset conditions and alert end users to potential issues before they manifest into real problems like software application errors or machine downtime events.

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X0 Historian

Through its rich desktop, web and native mobile clients, X0 Historian makes relevant operational data readily available to anyone across your enterprise in a way that is easy to access, consume and analyze. Just work with an InSource engineer to determine your data collection needs and we will take care of the rest.

Why InSource X0 Solutions™?

Built upon AVEVA’s software platforms, all X0 Solutions™ offer expert installation, configuration and deployment services from InSource’s experienced engineering team. With X0 Solutions™, InSource also includes all of the necessary hardware to deploy your solution. This means that you won’t need internal IT resources or expensive servers to start driving efficiencies at your facility.

All InSource X0 Solutions™ subscriptions also include a health and wellness program. Health checks are done online, which enables us to take the pulse of your entire system. Upgrades to software can be done online, and any hardware that is outdated or needs replacing will be taken care of for you.

Finally, use our X0 Adoption Coaching to ensure your team uses the information at their fingertips to improve operations. We take care of your data so that you can take care of business.

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