Asset Performance

Turn-Key Processing Solutions

Turn-Key Processing Solutions (TPS) is a successful EPC company that has overcome the hurdles of business expansion. They cannot have top talent physically at all locations at the same time. TPS turned to InSource for a solution and now they have the ability to have their top talent available at all of their locations 24/7.

Workforce Optimization

City of London Ontario - Wastewater Treatment Facility

See how the City of London, Ontario went from the pains of multiple word processors and spreadsheets to installing j5 Operations Logbook, allowing their operations teams to record, manage and view any event in a consistent and efficient way with a web browser and mobile device.

Visualization & Supervisory Control

Pinellas County

Keeping the water on at Pinellas County is a public health and safety issue; InSource Solutions and Stratus Technologies work together to create solutions where operational downtime is not an option.

Operational Efficiency


Efforts to drive productivity in manufacturing locations while expanding operating margins brought Snyder's-Lance to InSource Solutions. We are proud to have played a small role in their improved results.

Visualization & Supervisory Control


Rubberlite worked with InSource to deliver an innovative fault tolerant supervisory control system using a Stratus & Wonderware architecture that achieved 64% scrap reduction while sales grew 15%.

Quality & Compliance

Universal Fibers

Universal Fibers in Bristol, VA recently worked with InSource to upgrade & automate their Quality systems, including their Certificate of Analysis (COA) process. The result was an increased focus on quality and immediate access to quality information for plant operations and customer service.

Operational Efficiency

AW North Carolina

AW North Carolina successfully digitized their MES and operations management to make their transmission manufacturing facility more effective and efficient.

Operational Efficiency


See how C-CARE, a premium contract manufacturer of hair color, haircare, skincare, and personal care products, implemented X0 Downtime™ to allow them to collect downtime events and analyze their performance and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).