Magically Going Back in Time: New Wonderware Playback Feature

How many times do we hear of a recall for a product that we consume? Here’s a Food Safety News headline from earlier this year that serves as one example: Milk Recalled in New York Because of Improper Pasteurization.  Many products that we consume require pasteurization.  Pasteurization is a process by which foods are heated to

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How Much Does Downtime Cost Your Organization?

Across the spectrum of industries, one thing all companies agree on is that the cost of unplanned downtime is quite substantial. The vexing question is how much? Surprisingly, a survey of operations people found that 71% of respondents admitted their company is not tracking downtime cost with any quantifiable metrics. That means most companies won’t

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Stay On-Premise…or Time to Move to the Cloud for HMI Software Development?

Hello, I’m Chris Selph, Solutions Architect with InSource Solutions. I want to share some new ideas regarding how to develop and deploy manufacturing plant software applications.  The goal always being to simplify and streamline the process while not sacrificing quality or busting the budget. A Human Machine Interface (HMI) software development cycle is usually executed

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Wonderware Auto Build Makes the DCS or HMI Decision Even Easier!

As a System Consultant with InSource with over 30 years’ experience in industrial automation, I have worked on many different types of industrial automation systems (Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), Process Historians, Quality systems, Robotics, to name a few) and in various industries all over the world. I

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Plant Automation Gets a Huge Kick-start in 2017

Sometimes starting is the hardest part. One of the things I enjoy doing is cooking, and it’s a hobby where overtime you definitely see yourself improve. Knowing how to cook really just means that my toolbox of skills is a little more equipped than a person who’s trying to cook for the first time. But

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InTouch 2017 OMI is a Game Changer for Industrial Visualization. Pass the Orange Juice!

Here in Florida, one of the things that I see plenty of are oranges. Today, our Wonderware InTouch HMI solution is involved in every step of the process as the oranges are received, juice extracted, blended, cartons filled, labeled, pasteurized, and packaged for consumption to the distribution warehouse. Operators creatively use touch screens to navigate

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What on Earth is Prometheus?

Imagine a future where you can build complete process automation capabilities with the same high level tools and libraries you use today to build your HMI (Human Machine Interfaces), MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and process Historians. Now imagine that when you first built your system, you used Rockwell controllers but now you’ve decided to switch

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